Surround View

Our main solution is Surround View (SV) generating conceptual 3D view around the vehicle. The 3D dynamic SV technology of VADAS which is the most innovative in the world provides a realistic surround view of a vehicle in real-time. Part of the VADAS SV solution has been applied to one of the OEM vehicles which will be mass-produced. Patents on core SV algorithms has been applied and some of them already has been registered in Korea and overseas .

History of SV in VADAS

VADAS had started development of SV in 2009 and acquired its own fundamental technologies in 2010 after one year’s research and investment on developing. Recently one of the VADAS SV solutions is applied to one commercial vehicle model being produced from 4Q of 2013 by Hyundai Motor Company. Based on the comprehensive understanding of the theoretical background of related technologies VADAS provides SV HW prototypes and SW engine solution to OEM suppliers

Characteristic of VADAS SV

Technology of VADAS SV has been being improved as shown above and currently we are about to enter the 3rd generation after finishing development of 2nd generation technologies.
Since VADAS possesses its own fundamental technologies, it is possible to port SV solutions of generation 1 and generation 2 to various hardware including FPGA and SoC.
Recently VADAS has announced completion of implementing real-time 3D AVM solution running on Freescale i.MX6 SoC platform for the 1st time in the world at the GITEX Technology Week 2013 in Dubai.